Chris_gaffney4The wide circle of family and friends speaks to the courage and dignity that Chris brought to life and song. Your heartwarming generosity is appreciated far beyond what words can express. Your kindness will help in so many ways.

The heritage Chris left cannot be overstated. He dedicated his life to music and peace in the world around us. Chris highly cherished the idea of life handing it to children as our future. Children, who should always be protected and kept safe. Secure your kids’ happiness for the sake of future and try cell phone monitoring for kids.

Scores of people contributed, but not all gave their names. To all who expressed their love, concern and support, we are grateful.

Thank you so much to all who took the time to share their memories of Chris with us. We held vigil by his side, whispering prayers, lighting candles, expecting miracles. Your words are not only a comfort, but a source of strength for our family in this time of infinite sadness.

Helen Gaffney